Illume Mobile

We provide mobile applications for business and education through our partner, Illume Mobile. Our service aims to increase efficiency, save time and money, and effectively reach a specific audience using mobile application technology.

Illume Mobile

Custom Applications

Some examples of custom application product features include:

  • Product Ordering
  • Sales Presentations
  • Price Quote Generation
  • Geo-Location Features
  • Content Management
  • Report Generation
  • Ad Network Integration
  • Mobile to Server Communications
  • Inventory Management
  • Drawing Tools for Floor Plans/Blue Prints
  • Customer Service
  • Process Automation
  • Video/3-D Capabilities


SaleSentral is a custom web based interface to help your company manage content. It helps with:

  • Sales/ Marketing Material
  • Technical Information
  • Training and Presentation Files
  • Terms and Conditions / Contracts
  • Call Preparation Packages
  • Proposals and Quotes
  • Custom Documents
  • Customer Emails

Insight Apps

A marketing and promotion tool to provide a custom tool for your consumers. It provides:

  • Consistent brand exposure on your customer’s smartphone
  • Your own mobile app promotes awareness and loyalty
  • Drive more traffic by promoting specials, events, and more
  • Collect contact information for targeted marketing and promotions
  • Targeted marketing and promotions with direct link to customers
  • Receive valuable feedback and comments with mobile surveys


A tool to keep college students safe on campus. Implements key security levels:

  • Security Level 1 – Check in: Allows students/faculty to specify when and where they are going. If their location does not match the scheduled check in, an alert is initiated.
  • Security Level 2 – Follow Me: Students are able to use GuardianSentral to notify campus police when they feel uncomfortable with their environment. Security personnel can use the notification to track the student via GPS to provide an escort or other aid.
  • Security Level 3 – Danger: Similar to level 2, campus police can track the student. Level 3 provides extra security by tracking the student until the alert is disabled; it cannot be disabled unless the student confirms a security code.


A tool to track consumer printing needs. It enables:

  • Customer print services equipment survey done using DCA USB device to gather all pertinent data quickly and accurately.
  • Instantly provides serial/model numbers, print volume directly from the device itself and loaded on the iPad.
  • Data automatically sent to software – errors rare.
  • Site Map immediately generated using accurate, digitally obtained data.
  • Instant access to and presentation of print services data by work groups.
  • Proposed print services solution generated on-the-spot in unlimited scenarios as requested by customer.



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