Data Storage Solutions

For over two decades, growing numbers of loyal customers have relied on our expertise in delivering data storage solutions. Accordingly, we have expanded our data storage solutions offerings to include:

  • Data Services: Conversion, Duplication, Recovery and Destruction.
  • Labeling and Initialization: Labeling and initialization service for all data storage media.
  • On-site Eradication of Data: We will eradicate data, degausses, and/or re-write tapes for customers with regulations requiring live data tapes to stay in-house.
  • On-site Scanning: Source Data will scan your tapes on-site and ship the tapes to our warehouse via a secure carrier. Our tracking system will allow you to track progress every step of the way.
  • Servo Track Data Eradication: We will remove all data while preserving the servo tracks.
  • Media Redeployment: Our redeployment service enables you to save money by maximizing return on the cost of your media investment. We will pickup, test and inspect, certify, label/initialize,  and reship back to any location. We help our customers manage scrap assets, surplus and reusable media in one step. We will generate an inventory report that categorizes and summarizes your media count so that you can quickly identify what needs to be stored, redeployed, sold, or recycled.



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